Finding Your Groove: 5 Ways to Feel Sexy Again After Having Children

Have a hard time getting back in shape after pregnancy? Want to lose the mom pouch and tone your body? If so, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes!

Simple things, such as cutting back on sugar and swapping cardio for weights, can do wonders for your body. However, those pesky pounds won’t go away overnight. It can take months or even years to get your body back.

The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds for women with a normal BMI (body mass index). That’s quite a lot, especially if you have a small frame. Even though you’ll lose some weight after childbirth, getting back in shape won’t be easy.

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do to feel sexy again after having children. And no, we’re not talking about cosmetic surgery or fancy beauty treatments. Read on to find out more!

1. Take Care of Yourself

Self-care can go a long way toward your health and mental well-being. Healthy eating, exercise, and rest should come first on your list.

If you eat clean and stay active, you’ll feel better about yourself. Plus, exercise raises endorphin levels, which helps relieve stress and lifts your mood.

Squeeze more “me” time into your routine. Learn to say No and set boundaries. After carrying a baby for nine months, you deserve a break.

2. Learn to Love Your Body

This body of yours is capable of amazing things. After all, it gave birth to a human being! Be kind to yourself and stop worrying about those stretch marks and extra pounds.

Look in the mirror and accept yourself as you are. Sure, you may not be perfect, but this makes you human. Your weight does not define your self-worth.

3. Practice Positive Thinking

Feeling insecure after having a baby is perfectly normal. In fact, it takes about 18 months for a new mom to feel attractive again.

If you find it difficult to love your body, use positive affirmations to create shifts in your thinking. Tell yourself things like:

  • I take care of my body by eating healthy and working out
  • I’m comfortable in my own skin
  • My body deserves love and respect
  • I’m youthful and timeless
  • I’m beautiful in every single way

Practice positive thinking on a daily basis. Stick notes with positive statements on your desk, mirror, closet, and other places around the house.

4. Get in Touch with Your Sensual Side

Many women neglect their sex life after having children. Some don’t feel confident enough to take their clothes off. Others simply have other priorities.

Sexuality plays a key role in your health and well-being. Ignoring your sexual needs can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and increased stress.

Now it’s more important than ever before to get in touch with your sexual side. Read erotica, wear sexy lingerie, and try new stuff in the bedroom. Wash away inhibitions and rediscover your sexual passion.

5. Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover

Forget about loose shirts and lounge pants! So what if you have a few extra pounds? Curvy women are hot!

Put on a form-fitting dress, mix and match colors, and reinvent your style. Wear outfits that are flattering for your new body. Just because you’re a mom, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.

Bring Sexy Back after Having Children

From wearing sexy lingerie to taking hot selfies and pampering yourself, there are plenty of ways to get your body confidence back after having children. Remember, it’s in your power to look and feel amazing.

Celebrate motherhood by reinventing yourself. Head to the beauty salon, put on some sexy clothes, or book a day at the spa. If you’re single, start dating again!

Want more tips on how to feel sexy and confident? Perhaps your love life needs a boost? Check out our blog for the best tips around!