10 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Actually Saying the Words

Expressing your love is a key aspect of a happy relationship.

Most experts would tell you that communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, let alone a romantic one.

But not everyone is prepared to say “I love you” right away, and others simply need to find the nonverbal signs of falling in love.

If you’re looking for ways to say I love you without actually saying the four-letter word itself, there are some easy and expressive things you can do.

1. Laugh, and Laugh a Lot

Make sure that you laugh with your partner as often as you can.

Studies show that we laugh not only because things are funny but because that’s part of how we bond with each other.

Maybe your significant other told a joke or are being funny; make sure to respond. You don’t even have to fake laughter, though. If your man or woman has a good sense of humor, maybe you can laugh at the unfunniness of the joke.

It’s all about being playful here.

This is a good time for you to gauge your compatibility, as well. If you’re a newer couple you may not have a full grasp on how well you work together. If you’re not on the same page for humor, it’s at least something to note.

2. Listen to Their Heartache

Your special man or woman may have serious issues to deal with. Research shows that true connection with others is important to our overall health.

If you really need to know how to say I love you, then just listen to them. Let them vent if they need to.

Hell, even if it’s just about how much of a prick their boss is, then hear them out. And that’s the key: make sure you listen. Don’t necessarily try to give advice or fix their problems unless they specifically ask for it.

Sometimes, people just need their feelings to be heard and a great way to show them you love them is to let them vent.

3. Get Them Something Special

This one’s about a lot more than just gift giving.

Dig down deep and think about something that is very special to them. Maybe they’ve always wanted a dog but never went through the process itself. Take them to a shelter, look at some pups, and make a day out of it!

Perhaps they told you about a particular jacket or pair of shoes that they loved but were stolen. Try to get them for them again or find something similar.

Again, it’s not just about buying something for them; it’s about taking the time to find out what is specifically important to them.

4. Support Them Professionally

If your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband is making strides in their career, be sure to celebrate it.

Even if you’re only talking about a 50 cent raise, make a celebratory dinner date for the night.

If they are mingling with co-workers, bosses, or other professional acquaintances, try your best to show up and be supportive.

People want to know that their accomplishments are acknowledged.

5. Do Something They Want To Do

No one’s saying that you shouldn’t insist on doing what you want to do, but sometimes it’s a good idea to simply go along with what your partner wants.

Maybe there’s a movie they’ve been waiting for that you don’t really care about or an upcoming concert for their favorite band that you’re not as into. Without complaining or drawing attention to those facts, just join them and take part in something they enjoy.

6. Do Something They Don’t Want To Do

The flipside of number five is to do something your partner doesn’t want to do.

Another of the ways to say I love you is to simply take something off their plate.

Maybe your significant other is deathly afraid of lizards and one has gotten trapped in the bedroom. If lizards don’t bother you that much, take it upon yourself to get it out of the house.

If your significant other needs a plumber called, do it for them! Taking something off their to-do list is a great way to show you care.

7. Snuggle Often

Not everyone is going to be into snuggling or at least snuggling all the time, but it’s something to consider.

If you have a boyfriend, for example, and are wondering “How do I show my boyfriend I really love him,” make sure to snuggle now and then.

The physical connection of snuggling up to a movie or TV show or at least getting a solid 10 to 15 minutes of cuddles before falling asleep says a lot about how you feel.

When out in public with strangers or even around friends, your gut reaction probably isn’t to snuggle them. The physical intimacy of snuggling or cuddling shows how much you appreciate your loved one’s physical presence.

8. Public Displays of Affection

Some people look down on public displays of affection, so if you or your partner feel that way, take that into account. But if neither of you has a problem with PDA, consider showing each other some love when out in the world.

It’s one thing to cuddle and snuggle in the comfort of your own bed, but it’s another story when you’re out in public because it’s something not everyone is comfortable with.

PDA is a declaration in public that you are affectionate and care about your loved one. It shows that you’re not afraid of what other people think about you and your relationship and that your expression is more important than the judgment of others.

So, next time you’re in line for a cup of coffee, give them a tight squeeze, a kiss on the lips, or even a boop on the nose.

9. Make a Weekday Dinner a Special Occasion

Sure, it’s a Wednesday, you’re only halfway through the workweek, and maybe you have nothing more than mac n’ cheese in the cupboards.

Doesn’t matter.

Make it a thing! Bust out the candles, grab the fine wine, and make an event out of it.

This one is all about making the ordinary special.

10. Embrace the Little Things

Every single tip in this guide could be considered one of the “little” things on a daily basis.

How to express love feelings changes from one person to the next, but try to embrace the subtle parts of that as well. Open the door for your loved one, thank them when they do something for you, or give them a hug when they say they’ve had a bad day.

It’s all about paying attention to the little things because they all add up to saying “I love you” without ever really saying it at all.

Find Other Ways to Say I Love You

Sometimes, some people have trouble with saying the four-letter word or maybe they’re just looking for a new, nonverbal way to express their feelings.

Finding ways to say I love you is easier than you think, though. From simply being supportive or giving your time and effort to them, it’s all about embracing the little things.

If you’re looking for more tips and advice on how to say I love you, take a look at some fresh date night ideas!