7 Romantic Date Ideas for Parents with Small Children

Did you know that 30% of married couples have a date night at least once a month- how cute is that?!

Obviously, in between looking after your kids, and balancing your work commitments date night can occasionally go out the window, so we want to increase this statistic, and help married couples reconnect with one another.

So, we’ve compiled a list of romantic date ideas, to fuel you with inspiration for your own date nights. Let’s dive on in!

Let’s Overcome Those Hurdles

Spending quality time with your spouse can become a tad difficult when you’re a new parent. Whether you’re exhausted from your busy day or struggling to find a babysitter, it can be challenging to find the right time.

Let’s face it; these two hurdles have probably been major stumbling blocks for making your date nights a priority. However, we encourage you to persevere and make an effort.

It’s healthy to take a break now and then from being around the kids. Having time to reconnect with your partner is a great way to ensure you two remain a solid unit.

Trust us; when you feel as though the two of you are working as a team life’s daily struggles don’t feel as bad!

With that in mind, let’s dive into our favorite date night ideas:

Stay at Home

One of the easiest solutions to these hurdles is to host a date night within the comfort of your own home.

This automatically takes the stress out of finding a babysitter, plus it’ll save you a bit of cash- win-win!

However, you’ll need to set a few ground rules to ensure your evening’s a success:

  • No phones
  • No laptops
  • No distractions

Got it? The point of this time together is for you and your spouse to spend some quality time together.

If you can, try and do this at least once a week!

1. Re-Create a Fancy Restaurant

Bring a restaurant-style dining experience to your house. Put the kids to bed, and then transform your dining room into your favorite place to eat.

Put on some fancy music, light a few candles, crack open a bottle of wine, and take some time to catch up with one another over good food!

You could order takeout, make your own meal, or buy one of those fancy meals for two from the store. Go for whatever you two will enjoy the most!

Or, one of our other favorite suggestions is an indoor picnic. Roll out a blanket, and buy your favorite picky foods. With the right mood music and lighting, an indoor picnic can feel gorgeously intimate.

2. Have a Board Game Tournament

There’s nothing better than playing board games. They’re great fun, and you’re sure to enjoy plenty of laughter and in-jokes between the two of you. Grab a few snacks and make a night of it!

3. Have a Movie Marathon

Whether you go for a funny action movie marathon or a themed movie night, you’re bound to have a fabulous time.

You could even enjoy a dinner that relates to the theme of the movie you’re watching. This is loads of fun, and an excellent excuse to get creative with your menu choices!

Have a Night Out

If you’re able to get out of the house to enjoy a date night, that’s even better! If you can, try and do this once a month. Not only does this give you something different to look forward to you, but it’ll provide ample opportunity to create fun-filled memories together.

4. Grab a Coffee or a Dessert

If money’s tight, there’s no need to splash out on an elaborate dinner. Instead, you could enjoy a home cooked meal and then head out for either dessert and coffee afterward?

5. Take a Walk

Have you and your partner ver treated yourselves to a nighttime walk? This provides ample opportunity for the two of you to laugh and joke around, and most importantly, catch each other up on everything in your lives.

Life is so busy, and things get in the way of properly communicating with one another. So sometimes it’s nice just to take an hour walking around under the moonlight together, hand in hand.

6. Take an Evening Class

Do you and your partner enjoy any shared interests? Do you live close by to somewhere that offers night classes? If so, this could be the perfect activity for your date!

There are loads of things out there; colleges offer everything from dance classes to painting tutorials and everything in between. You’re bound to find something that complements both of your tastes!

7. Book a Staycation

There’s a good chance you won’t want to travel too far away without your baby. If your parents are happy to take the little one for a weekend, then take them up on their kind offer!

Book a couple of nights with a local bed and breakfast, an Air B&B, or a hotel and enjoy a bit of time just the two of you. Go out for dinner, take a walk, go and see a movie, etc.

Most importantly , you’ll enjoy a full nights worth of uninterrupted sleep- bliss!

Did You Like These Romantic Date Ideas?

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