The Unspoken Rules of Sexting: 8 Dos and Don’ts for Couples

For many couples, the passion seems to fade as the years tick by. But who says committed couples can’t have a fulfilling sex life with each other for the rest of their lives? These rules for sexting just might be the answer to spicing up their love life and rekindling those flames!

Sexting is a fantastic way to show a partner who’s thinking about them in all the right ways. However, there are some rules that anyone considering sexting should follow. Read on to find out how to get started the right way!

Rules of Sexting: The Dos and Don’ts

Sexting provides an opportunity for couples to say things they may not be able to say in person. It can give them insight into fantasies and willingness to experiment. These are all great things.

If couples are considering sexting for the first time, there are some rules to follow to keep the game going in the right direction. Rules of sexting also provide a measure of safety for both parties, should their messages somehow be discovered.

Check out these rules of sexting to start something new and exciting!

DO: Send it to the Right Person

There’s nothing worse than sending a text to the wrong person. It might not be a big deal in general texting, but during sexting? Things could get ugly!

Imagine drafting the ultimate fantasy sext for a partner and accidentally sending it to his or her mother. No way! What if it was accidentally sent to a friend? There would definitely be some awkward conversations.

Avoid accidents like these by checking and double checking before it’s time to hit send. Be careful of incoming messages, too. No one wants to mix up their responses when sexting!

DON’T: Use Emojis

Point blank, this kills the intimate mood. There is no adorable emoji out there that can deliver the kind of sexual interest a sexting partner is looking to stir up!

Instead, they should look for images that include fantasies they’ve been dreaming about. For people who feel creatively challenged, take a look at these sensual images and quotes from a Google search. Find some inspiration that makes a sexual impact!

Better yet, sexting partners should take a personal picture that tells the story they are trying to tell!

DO: Delete, Delete, Delete!

There’s no better way to make sure your sexting isn’t discovered than to delete it. Go back through your message history and get rid of anything you’ve sent. Some phones save images and messages in more than one place, so check them all.

Family members inadvertently see things they shouldn’t, especially when they are young and curious. Seeing sext messages between their parents, by their older siblings or otherwise should be avoided. Just delete it all to be safe.

Be especially careful when scrolling through photos to show off that awesome vacation. Sexting photos are likely to be stored in that folder with all the rest of the images.

DON’T: Sext Someone Who’s Already Taken

This goes without saying, but if either party is already committed to someone else, they should not sext with each other. Imagine what it might feel like to be on the receiving end of a cheating sext. Infidelity does nothing to promote a healthy, exciting relationship between partners.

That said, there are some couples who do play well with others, but that’s a preference a sexting partner should always check up front. No one wants to get hurt or be hurt.

DO: Send Pictures that Tease

Pictures of well-framed body parts and blurred images can do a lot to arouse sexual interest. Better, it sends just enough to tease. Just send a little bit of something to look forward to, not the whole show.

Couples create the kind of sexual tension that keeps the flame burning by sending just enough to keep each other thinking about what could happen later.

DON’T: Send a Picture of Your Face

For obvious reasons, neither partner should ever send a sexualized image that includes their face. A faceless image is much harder to identify.

Ever seen the preview text screen that pops up on a person’s phone or even their watch? The boss and coworkers can see that, too.

The last thing anyone needs is a freaky image of explicit body parts and a recognizable face to flash up during a meeting. Imagine the talk!

A good rule of thumb is to turn off the text preview when planning to sext. Better yet, send a warning of explicit images to come.

DO: Start Off Slow and Build the Tension

Words create pictures in the mind. Use them to heighten desire and sexual interest to have a better sexting experience.

Start with a few words, like these: I’d really like to try (fill in with your fantasy). See where that goes. It is certain to start a conversation that couples can build on.

Each time a message is sent and received, add a little bit more detail to the fantasy. Short, exciting messages are best. Use sensual language with sexting partners to invoke thoughts about what will happen when they see each other, again.

DON’T: Be Crass

Nothing screams no class like an ugly, crass comment. It also leaves nothing to the imagination. Time to expand your creative vocabulary and try some classy sexting ideas!

Instead of being blunt, use imaginative and descriptive words that provide a visual to stir up intimate thoughts about each other. Sexters can always use a thesaurus to find synonyms for just about any word in the English language, even the X Rated ones.

Start Sexting and Enjoy It

Those are the rules of sexting, so now it’s time to turn up the heat! Anyone can follow those Dos and Don’ts to have a satisfying and safe sexting experience.

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