Rekindle Your Marriage: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Spouse

If you’re feeling like the love in your marriage is waning there is still hope. While the excitement from the start of the relationship has calmed, it opens the door for a deeper, more intimate love.

After being married for a while, it’s normal to feel so secure in the relationship that some feel there’s no need to try anymore. This combined with a daily, repetitive routine can make the relationship feel flat and stagnant.

The love is still there and so is the desire to be together. All you need to do is realize that you and your spouse will always be changing and growing and there’s a lifetime of opportunities to discover new things.

Here are some ideas on how to fall back in love and take your marriage from strength to strength.

How to Fall Back in Love

The only way this is possible is if both you and your spouse want to put the effort in. Remember, just because you’ve started feeling this way doesn’t mean they have. They may have not even noticed anything has changed or that you’ve fallen into a routine and that’s okay.

Don’t randomly start talking about it while they are watching TV or on their phone. It’s best to let them know you want to talk and find time to sit down and let them know how you feel. If they seem dismissive or don’t understand, let them know you want to have more fun together and enjoy each others company.

The nice thing is that falling back in love won’t feel like work or a chore; it’ll be immensely fun, romantic, and sexy. Communicate this to your partner so they can see this will be an exciting time for both of you.

Go on Dates

People make the mistake of thinking that by living with someone and seeing them every day they are “spending time together”.

Spending quality time with your spouse means doing things outside of your routine because you meet new people, have new experiences, and create new stories to share.

Start exploring the bars and restaurants in the area. Pick a new place to hike once a week. Drive to random towns and cities in the area and get lost together.

The best part is you can do anything and may even discover new things you enjoy doing together.

Learn Together (and Apart)

Learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is not only an excellent way to bond with your spouse, but it’s also a perfect way to shake up your routine.

If you both want to be more healthy, try doing cooking classes together or sign up for a fun new sport. You can take salsa dancing lessons, learn to paint or how to play an instrument. You can even try to learn a language together.

It’s always easier to push yourself and practice when you have someone else to hold you accountable. If both of you are trying to learn, you can help each other stay motivated and will always have someone to practice with.

Of course, it is perfectly fine for you to each take up something different. Having a new hobby each will give you time apart, making it more special when you have time together again.

Plan for the Future

Things could also just be difficult and busy right now. If you both have a lot of work or are always dealing with the kids, then when you finally find some time for yourself, you want to sleep or relax on the sofa. It’s hard to be romantic and lovey-dovey if you’re both exhausted.

If you and your spouse are in a similar situation then don’t worry, you just need to make plans for time together in the future. For example, hire a nanny for Saturday nights so when the week is over you can both blow off some steam and enjoy time together. Book a trip to the spa, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, or plan to spend time with friends.

You could also plan an exciting holiday for the two of you. It will give you something exciting to look forward to in the weeks before the trip. And the holiday itself will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Reinvigorate Your Sex Life

There is nothing better for releasing tension, pent-up energy, and sharing intimate time together than having sex.

If you are finding that days or even weeks are going by without making love, then it’s likely that’s why you aren’t feeling as connected with your partner. We all need to feel loved and physical contact is one of the best ways to make that happen.

Set time aside or stay up just a bit later to give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy each others company.

You can also buy a sexy outfit or toy to surprise your partner with. Talk to each other and see if there are any desires or fantasies the other has that you could try together.

This is one of the best ways to help rekindle your relationship and start falling in love again. You’ll be excited for time alone, have something to look forward to, and will be spending more quality time together.

Get Excited

Once you and your partner start doing more things and having more experiences together, you’ll be beginning an amazing new time in your relationship.

Even if you know how to fall back in love, just remember it takes effort from both of you. Building the habit to see each other and have fun takes conscious effort but it will build a deeper love and stronger connection which will only continue to grow over the years.

Relationships can be hard, but ultimately worth it. Read some of our other articles for more advice and tips.