How to Make Your Wife Happy: 10 Inspiring Suggestions You Must Try

We’ve all heard the saying, “Happy Wife Happy Life.” But what is it that makes a wife happy? Could it be all in your good looks? Happiness is somewhere a little more skin deep.

But not to worry! We’ve got good news for couples looking keep their passion alive and thriving. We’re going to journey into the wonderful world of relationships.

Will focus on what makes your wife happy, and how you can change your behavior to make her happier. Keep reading to learn our top ten inspiring suggestions that are bound to make your wife happy!

1. How to Make Your Wife Happy: Crystal Clear Communication

There isn’t a better way to express the love you have for your wife than to tell her. More important than that is her reaction. Most wives want to hear that their spouse loves and adores them.

Make it special, and kick it up a notch. Write a letter pouring your heart out. Express your gratitude for all the things she does to make your life easier.

Be artistic, and try your hand at poetry. Loving wives will appreciate the gesture, even if it doesn’t quite rhyme. Be clear in your feelings, and use examples to drive how much your heart bursts for her!

2. Surprise, Surprise

Need to up your guns? Then a surprise is the next step in store to making your wife so happy she’ll glow. Surprise your wife with something you know she likes.

This doesn’t have to be fancy, so don’t worry about it breaking your wallet. Think of her favorite take-off food, or bring her a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers. If you know she’s had a rough day, get home early and run her a nice warm bath.

She’ll appreciate soaking her tired bones in the steamy goodness. You can even stop by her favorite bath store and buy a bath bomb. Although, you should let her have the fun of plopping it in and seeing it disperse.

Heck, you might choose to jump in with her…you’re married after all. Marriage is a lifelong celebration. Keeping up a positive spirit will help on those stressful days when she needs a good pick-me-up the most.

3. Know When to Be Playful

Wives want to laugh like anyone else. Bring back the playfulness into your relationship. The working world can bog us down with stress and tacks.

Deadlines turn into devils, and the best way to handle any grumpy wife is with a funny joke. Kid around, and tease her a bit. But don’t cross the invisible line that’ll bother her or be more of a pain than enjoyment.

It’s not good to use comedy when she’s had a bad day. Use your good judgment to brighten up her day with a little laughter. A good rule of thumb is to always ensure she’s smiling at the end of it.

4. Taking Fun to the Next Level

If you’re stuck on making her laugh, or you’re afraid your jokes are not up to par, check out other options. You can invite her to play a video game of her choosing. Take a break from work and watch a movie.

You may enjoy a walk together at the mall or at a local park. There a plenty of places to visit. The exciting bit is you can go as wild as you wish.

Schedule go-cart racing, or late afternoon skydiving. Keep her heart pumping with an adrenaline rush.

5. Need Something Tamer?

Not all wives are daredevils. You can try out board games, or a sexy game of Twister! Still not up your alley?

Have a delicious bottle of red wine to top off the night, and mix in a little game of ‘Truth or Dare.’ Wives love details. Anything you bring up [that she doesn’t already know] will keep her interested.

6. Schedule a Trip

There is no better saving grace than scheduling a surprise vacation for your wives. She’ll adore you forever if you tackle on the task of planning and scheduling a surprise trip. Make sure to choose her favorite spot, and line up activities she’ll enjoy.

If you hate Disney trips, but your wife loves Disney, Disney is the place to book your trip. Even if you don’t like where you’re going, being able to please your wife should make you happy as well.

7. Offer Up a Helping Hand

Aside from surprises, try offering up a helping hand. Making your wife happy is all about the effort you put in. Express that you’d like to help out by asking if there are any chores you can take off her plate.

Knowing her schedule and preferences are important. Some wives will enjoy doing certain chores themselves. Does your wife like her underwear draw organized a specific way you’re not aware of?

That would be a detail to pay attention to. Paying attention to details is key! Keeping her things organized how she likes will make her happy, and keep arguments away!

8. Set up a Date Night

Be romantic with your wife, and set up a creative date night. Help your wife relax and unwind with a dinner for two. Cooking for your wife will show her how much you care about her comfort.

Pitch in to do the dishes! This will keep her relaxed and enjoying the night.

9. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s nice to remember the good old days every once in a while. Go the extra mile and make an order an online picture book of your relationship. These are easy to build and are super affordable.

Some websites give you the option to add in a few sentences to share your story. Don’t hold back when you write about your own fairytale!

10. Spice Up the Bedroom

You never want to reach the point where sex becomes boring. Put energy and effort into switching things up. Talk with your wife about different games, or even role-playing. Opening up is healthy, and she might have some ideas of her own.

Be comfortable to share your feelings, and ideas with her. She’ll appreciate your honesty and vulnerability!

Get More Ideas

We want to help you learn how to keep your wife happy. If these ideas aren’t enough for you, don’t fret. We strive to research the best relationship ideas for our readers to try out.

Don’t let your marriage turn boring or soar. Let us give you a little extra boost. Our tips are bound to spark up your marriage, and keep you both blasting!