Mmm Tasty! 7 Fun Ways to Use Sexy Food In the Bedroom

A vast majority of us have sex on the brain.

This is especially true when it comes to people’s worries and concerns. Data compiled by over 60 relationship experts rate it in the top ten for relationship problems for couples. 

One of the easiest ways to ease the sexual tension in your relationship? Be willing to experiment and mix things up before and during the act. 

If you want to ease into a more adventurous sex life, try moving your kitchen into the bedroom. Introducing sexy foods into your bedroom routine can be good for both of your appetites. 

Scroll down to learn seven fun ways to use food in the bedroom. 

1. Table of One: Nyotaimori

Sex does not have to start in the bedroom. With Nyotaimori, or the art of eating sushi off of a naked body, it can start right in the dining room. 

This is a great starting point for hesitant couples wanting to spice up their sex life. Order some of your favorite rolls, have them delivered, and take turns being a naked table for one another.

Within the Japanese tradition, you should place bamboo leaves between your partner’s skin and the sushi roll. This isn’t just for sanitation, but for sensation: the chill of the bamboo leaves will leave their skin more sensitive to the touch.

2. Pop a Cherry

Go back to your late teen/early adult years, and challenge your partner to the timeless kissing test. 

See which one of you can tie a cherry stem in a knot with their tongue.

When you are done using the stems, keep the cherries for bed. Rubbing them over your partner’s erogenous zones can be a huge turn on. 

3. Melt in Your Mouth: Using Popsicles as a Sexy Food Accessory

Think of any National Lampoon movie you have ever seen. Popsicles are a staple of summer loving and sexual innuendo. But regardless of all the heat popsicle jokes get, they are one sexy food.

For starters, popsicles in shape remind us of penises. They are one phallic dessert. But these tasty snacks can be used in an array of ways in your bedroom.

You can add some kink by using popsicles as a method to tease your partner.

You can also use them to introduce temperature play into the bedroom. One of you eats one before you make out. The difference between the heat and cool will cause an exciting sensation on both your tongues. 

Also, if you are willing to get a little sticky, have your partner rub your nipples with the popsicle juice. Trust us, it’ll be a sweet treat for both of you.

4. From Paris with Love: Incorporating Brie into Your Bodouir

When people usually think of foods to bring into the bedroom, sweets are what come to mind.

But for those of you with lovers who have a more refined palate, try bringing soft cheeses into the bedroom. Brie, goat cheese, and other soft cheeses can be put pretty much anywhere you would place syrups. Nipples are generally the safe place for this. 

Also, after you are done having your fair portion from off your partner, you can bring crackers into the room and practice a French twist on Nyotaimori: making them into your personal cheese plate.

5. Forbidden Fruit

Grapefruits are an awesome ac-sex-ory to add to your foreplay routine. 

For starters, when these fruits are cut properly, they can be an extra hand (or mouth) to assist you in giving blow jobs. Simply cut the fruit on either side to expose the inside of it. Then, cut slices in it to make it easy to slip something in and out of (you can practice with a spoon at first).

If your partner is not ready to be a human fruit salad, this fruit can still come in handy. Placing it in a room adds an energizing freshness to the space. 

Yes, people may be up in the air aromatherapy. But there is proof that scent has extreme effects on your sexual urges and desires. So use that refreshing citrus scent to get those pheromones into overdrive.  

6. One Love: Cannabis Chocolates

If you and your partner are 420-friendly, you should try to incorporate marijuana into your love life. 

Both weed and chocolate have been historically noted as aphrodisiacs throughout the world. There is a reason for this. Both release endorphins, and in turn, put you in a more adventurous and happier mood.

Eat some before foreplay. Feed each other a couple while lying under the sheets.

However, a word of caution: edibles usually take about an hour to set in. So, start at a low dosage, and work from there.

Let’s just say, if you overdo it, the only thing you will be doing in your bed that night is sleeping. 

7. I Smell Sex and Candy: Using Candy Necklaces in Bed

Candy Necklaces are a childhood favorite. But it is very easy to take these G-rated sweets and turn them into an NC-17 snack. 

After all, a candy necklace can be eaten off anywhere.

Your neck. Your thighs. The base of your partner’s penis. 

Just make sure before adding these sweet little treats into the bedroom that you are applying them to clean skin. You should never eat food off of an unsanitary surface, skin included.

Also, do not place them on or near a woman’s vagina. The chemicals in the candy can throw off her pH. But everywhere else is fair game.

Food Play and Foreplay

Life is full of flavors. And no one wants their option in life to be bland and vanilla. 

So why not take a chance and try one of these sexy food ideas? Most of these things you already have readily available, and you do not need to go to the adult store to purchase them or wait for an order to arrive in the mail. 

All you need to do is make your way to the kitchen. And start a meal where you will be the final–and favorite–course.

Hungry for more advice? These spicy tips will leave you thirsty for more.