10 Date Night Ideas That’ll Help Spice Up Your Relationship

It’s being out of your mind. It’s physical, consuming you all at once. It’s selfless. It’s feeling high like nothing can touch you or bring you down. It’s L-O-V-E.

Call us romantics at heart, because 89% of people believe that love can last a lifetime.

There’s a reason it’s called the “love drug.” People spend their whole lives looking for it, so when you’re lucky enough to find the one, you want to make sure that spark stays sizzling.

Romantic ruts happen, but they can also be avoided. Read on for 10 date night ideas to get you and your partner back in the mood.

1. Sweat It Out

Excessive sweating may not be the most attractive quality in a partner, but increased endorphins and physical fitness sure are.

It’s been proven that when people are in love their heartbeats sync up and beat at the same rate. So grab your significant other and get in a heart-pumping fitness session, such as tennis, cycling, or rock climbing.

For something a bit more intimate, try acro yoga, salsa dancing or kickboxing. Taking that pent-up couples tension to the boxing ring is a great way to blow off steam.

2. Love Is in the Air

Catch feelings and then catch a flight on a helicopter or hot air balloon. Gorgeous views combined with an exciting new adventure creates the perfect date atmosphere.

Companies like Blade or Voom (the uber of helicopters) offer inexpensive flights in various cities. Take a nighttime tour around the city of your choice or jet off to the Hamptons for a weekend.

Looking for another way to get sky high with your loved one? Plan an adrenaline pumping tandem skydiving experience.

3. Get Drunk (In Love)

Key Beyonce, then head to a local brewery or winery for a tour.

Hold hands as you stroll through the rolling vineyards, sipping a delicious vintage. Sit and relax as you sample craft beers at a taproom tasting. Or take a ride on a brew bus and see the sights of the city as you sip local brews.

Make it a romantic getaway and take your partner on a road trip. Here’s a list of brewery’s that are well worth a trip:

  • Dogfish Head
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Samuel Adams
  • Founder Brewing
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Magic Hat

Taking a much-needed vacation involving beer and wine tourism is a fun and relaxing date night idea.

4. Don’t Get Caught in the Act

Consider doing something spontaneous to get your adrenaline pumping. Psychologists agree that an air of mystery, a bit of danger, and placing yourselves in unusual situations can evoke passion.

Don’t get caught in the act, but here are a few ways to spice things up:

  • Skinny dipping
  • A game of truth or dare
  • Crashing a wedding
  • Strip poker

Here are a few more date suggestions for keeping the passion alive.

5. Got Game?

While some like to be wined and dined, others have something else in mind. Sofa, sweatpants, and pizza delivery, combined with hours of video games.

There are many games with great graphics, engaging storylines, and action-packed adventure, but what about romance?

Here are a few video games with love story backgrounds to complement date night:

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Uncharted
  • The Witcher 2 and 3
  • Life is Strange
  • The Sims

Games are also good for getting your laughs in. We know laughing is beneficial for mental health, but laughter can evoke romance and make a person more attractive.

Have a humorous game night with Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme or Drawing Without Dignity.

6. Wine and Dine Together

They say that food is the quickest way to someone’s heart.

Get dressed up and made dinner reservations at the new trendy restaurant in town. Play sommelier and order a bottle of wine that’s a bit out of your price range and take turns creating your own wine pairings with menu items. Oysters are highly recommended on a date night.

If you feel like staying in, host a cooking class in your kitchen. YouTube has countless recipe video guides or if you’re feeling really fancy, hire a personal chef for the night.

7. Connect with Nature (and Each Other)

A toasty bonfire beneath the stars…it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Leave the distractions of technology behind and head to the great outdoors. Plan a camping trip (or glamping trip), complete with stargazing and small, yet comfortable sleeping quarters.

Pack along a picnic dinner with champagne and aphrodisiacs like watermelon, chocolate, or avocado.

Spend the day on the water with a couples kayak, and be sure to watch the sunrise and sunset together.

Have kids at home or can’t seem to get a sitter? Your date night plans aren’t ruined, you can easily camp in the comfort of your own backyard.

8. Reinvent Your First Date

Nervous jitters, sweaty palms, awkward silences, and worrying that he’s really just not that into you…don’t you miss the dating scene?

Thankfully you’re a seasoned couple, so all the bad parts about first dates are already behind you. Recreate the romance of your first date together to bring back those treasured memories of when you first fell in love.

To make things more exciting, take the parts of the date that didn’t seem all that memorable and reinvent them.

If the date was at a movie theater, switch it up and catch a flick at a local drive-in instead. If you attended a concert, catch the same band but upgrade your seats to VIP. You can also change the venue location to a different city that you both want to visit.

9. Sunday Brunch, Farmer’s Market Style

Sundays aren’t just for sleeping in. Head to your local farmer’s market (bonus points if you ride bikes or walk there). Take your time strolling through the vendors then pick up these fresh ingredients before heading home:

  • Veggies (kale, tomatoes, onion)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Fresh-squeezed juice

When you get home, put on a pot of coffee and make brunch together. What’s on the menu? Fresh veggie omelets, mimosas, and romance.

10. Get Your DIY On

Living together isn’t always hearts and flowers. It’s double the laundry, extra dishes, and fighting over the remote.

Remind yourselves why you decided to move in together and take on a fun home project. Paint a room, update your kitchen with new hardware, or turn up the heat and build a firepit in the backyard.

If you really want to set the mood, turn an unused room or space into a couples haven. Think soft lighting, music and comfy seating. A porch or patio is a great spot to do this. Add ambiance with string lighting, a portable Bose Bluetooth speaker, and a large outdoor love seat.

Here’s a piece of dating advice. Whatever you do, just try to avoid Ikea at all costs. Many a couple have had a very ugly public fight within its aisles. Shopping online is your safest bet.

Date Night Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Work, stress, and demands of everyday life can damper the healthiest and happiest of relationships. The act of falling in love and staying in love are two completely different things. The latter takes time, commitment and open communication.

New experiences make the best date night ideas, just remember to keep an open mind and be spontaneous. Keep that spark hot and learn more about other ways to ensure your love lasts a lifetime.


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