Anniversary Celebration Ideas That Prove You’re The Best Husband Ever

Trying to find that perfect anniversary gift doesn’t have to cost the earth. She already agreed to marry you, so hopefully, her expectations won’t be too high. You should be able to wow her without too much fuss.

Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth anniversary, she will love almost anything from you. As long as it’s not an appliance. If you put in a bit of thought and time you can come up with the perfect anniversary celebration ideas.

It’s the thought that counts, just make sure you put some thought into it. Snow boots or a new wok won’t win you any favors. Keep reading for a few great ideas to get you started.

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Whether you have a small budget or next to nothing to spend, it’s not the price that matters. You want to wow her by showing her you care.


This is a big one and likely something you’ve heard, or not, depending on if you do actually listen. Chances are, she’s been dropping hints for something. If she’s mentioned a certain place, a certain restaurant or a certain event, take note.

You can act like you’re not listening, and that will make it all that much more special when you show her that you heard what she said.

Take Her out on a Date

Call her at work or at home and ask her out. Don’t start the date from home, arrange to pick her up and take her out. Movies, out to dinner, maybe a walk and an ice cream.

Something Homemade

This doesn’t require a lot of money and is so romantic. it doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be made from you.

Voucher Book

Make up a book of vouchers she can cash in. It should be things she will really like and it doesn’t have to be big things. It can include:

  • a trip to the farmer’s market
  • a chick flick
  • a day off from housework
  • an offer to cook meals for a week
  • breakfast in bed

Photo Album

Get some pictures printed or find old pictures of the two of you over the years. Put them together in an album or a framed collage to display. It will be fun for you to put together, as well. Ask her family for old photos.


A bit of poetry is always a show-stopper, especially some you wrote yourself. It’s like writing your own wedding vows, just less pressure. She’ll love it.


Spend the day away on a lovely picnic. Pack up some of her favorite foods, and take a nice bottle of wine. Either go to a local park or find a nice secluded romantic spot you know. Close to the water or somewhere you can watch the sunset. Tres romantic.

Weekend Away

Thos doesn’t mean you need to fly to Paris. You can find and little BNB close to home you can go. If she has hinted at a place she had wanted to go swimming, or skiing, or hiking, then try to book a trip there.

It can be just as simple as a staycation. Book a nice hotel room in town and enjoy the amenities, the bar and room service. You can get there early and add your own special touches, like rose petals and champaign.

Recreate Your First Date

Thre is a good chance she remembers every move you made on your first date. If you can remember anything about it, recreate it. Alternatively, take her to the place where you proposed, as that will mean a lot to her and can even become a tradition each year.

Take Her to See a Show She Wants to See

Maybe there is a musical or a movie she wants to see that you particularly don’t. Too bad. Take her to the show. Sit through it and act like you are enjoying yourself. It will matter.


There are a few ways you can do this. Professionally or you give her a massage.


A couples spa day would likely go over very well. Massages, mud bath, manis, and pedis. Do it up right and it’s something you both enjoy and benefit from. Of course, once you’re all prettied up, you have to go out and show it all off.

Find a Special Event

This could be a concert, a play, a meteorite shower or a full moon. Maybe your anniversary is close to an annual event where you can enjoy some fireworks or an outdoor jazz festival.

You need to keep her interests in mind when you plan this, not yours. if it’s something you both enjoy, great but don’t take her to Comicon or bowling because you like it.

A Day Without You or the Kids

Depending on how long you’ve been married, a girl’s night out without you or the children might be just the treat she needs. Let her let her hair down and enjoy her friend’s company.

Get Some Pictures Taken

You can have professional pictures taken or go to a photo booth for an extra bit of fun. You can have pictures taken in the same place every year to add to an album and enjoy watching your married life unfold before you.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Even a small gesture that is well thought out will thrill her no end. It’s important to find something to do that shows you understand her and have actually been listening.

You know her best, so whatever the anniversary celebration ideas you come up with will be the best ones. Make a list of things you would like to do and another one you can afford to do. Then, try and meet in the middle.

Coming up with an idea you can repeat every year makes it all the more special and something you both can look forward to each year. building your own traditions is what it’s all about.

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