How to Be Ready for Sex When It’s Been A While

Are you currently having a sexual dry spell? Have you recently met someone you would like to have sex with?

It’s completely normal to experience spells in your life where you not having much sex. The problem is that not many people talk about it.

Because we don’t talk about sex much, many people think that other people are having a lot more sex than the reality.

Researchers discovered that people think that young people are having sex around 14 times per month. When the actual number of times is actually only 4 in the United States.

Whether it’s been only a few months, a couple of years or more, there are plenty of things you can do to get yourself ready for sex.

1. Tell Yourself – It’s Not You

Regular sex has been linked with increased self-confidence, according to Medical Daily. That’s why it’s unsurprising to discover that many people who aren’t having much sex encounter anxiety and self-esteem issues.

But you have to tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to fix yourself to have sex.

Maybe you’re already in a relationship without sex. Always build yourself before the night thinking “tonight we’re going to do it”. But when it comes to the big moment, you’re overwhelmed by the nervousness of the occasion.

The longer you go without having sex, the bigger the problem grows in your mind. The days when you confidently and passionately explored sex with your partners are a distant memory.

2. Sexual Intimacy Matters

You need to make sure you value the importance of sexual intimacy in your relationship with other people.

If you have not experienced sex for some time, it’s easy to forget how important it is to build your relationship with another person.

Perhaps you haven’t had sex in a while because you have a low libido at the moment. However, sex might be really important to your partner. And if you want to make it work you’re going to need to be prepared to see sex as a priority.

Sex is a really great way to get close to someone both emotionally and intimately. By releasing hormones and endorphins you can experience the highs of sexual intercourse.

3. Appreciate Your Lover

Although sex isn’t the only way you can show your lover that you care deeply about them, it’s an important part of a relationship.

When people are sexually rejected by a partner, this can significantly damage the self-esteem of the person. This can result in tension between you and your partner.

By showing your lover that you really appreciate them, you can contribute to boosting the confidence of the other.

You don’t have to do this only through sexual favors. Buying your loved one flowers or cooking your partner a romantic dinner.

A helpful tip is to do at least one thing every day to make your partner feel special.

4. Enjoy Spending Time Together

Have you not been having any sex with your partner?

It’s difficult to maintain a sex life if you don’t spend any time together anyway. Nowadays, our lives are so busy that it’s difficult to make time for each other sometimes.

If you don’t feel close to your partner, perhaps it’s because you’re not spending enough quality time together. It’s easy to get carried away talking about whose turn it is to put the children to bed or wash the dishes.

You can fix this by making spending time together a priority for both of you.

One moment you might be going for a walk in the country or eating in a luxury restaurant, the next minute you’re back in the bedroom.

5. Touching Non-Sexually

When you’re not having sex with another person for some time, it’s easy to stop touching each other altogether.

Perhaps, you’re worried if you make physical contact with the other person, they might think you want to have sex.

But you can take it one step at a time. When you touch a person for whom you have feelings there’s a build up of oxytocin in your system. This hormone reinforces the sense of bond and companionship for the other person.

Simply a touch of the hand or a pat on the shoulder can be the first step towards re-establishing your connection with your own sexuality.

6. Explore New Partners

Maybe you’re not currently with anyone and you’re searching for someone to reconnect with your sexual impulses.

There are many ways to re-discover your romantic side.

You can experiment with dating apps or websites. Maybe you can even get in touch with an escort to ease you back into sex. You can find out more about this here.

7. Experiment With Yourself

People often joke that 99 percent of the population masturbate and the other 1 percent are lying.

While this might not be true, masturbation is totally normal and common. Around 40 percent of women report masturbation, while the figure reaches 60 percent among men.

Before you can be truly ready for sex with someone else, it’s important that you re-connect with your own body by experimenting at home.

Are You Ready for Sex?

Has it been a while since you last had a sexual experience?

It’s sometimes difficult getting back in the swing of things with another person after a long time out of the game.

However, it doesn’t matter how long since you’ve been with someone else, it’s never too late to reconnect with your sexuality. By following our tips above, you get yourself ready for sex.

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