How to Prepare for Sex: 9 Tips to Get You in the Mood

Twelve percent of married couples haven’t had sex in three months. But seven percent of couples say they have sex daily.

No matter how often you and your significant other have sex, you aren’t alone. And every sexual relationship can benefit from some new ways to spice it up in the bedroom.

Looking for ways to ramp up your love life? Try changing up your pre-sex routine.

Check out these nine tips on how to prepare for sex.

1. Sext Each Other

Initiate a sexy conversation with your loved one through text when they least expect it.

Start slowly with a picture or a proposition. Then move the conversation along by telling them what you would like to do to them, and what they should do to you in return.

Use lots of details. If done correctly, your conversation will leave them wanting more and lead to the bedroom.

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2. Plan a Romantic Evening

Nothing gets you prepared for sex like a romantic evening together.

Start with a romantic dinner for two. Get dressed up even if you’re just eating at home. Cook up a new and exciting meal and eat together by candlelight.

Don’t forget about dessert! What’s sexier than strawberries dipped in chocolate?

Use rose petals to outline a route to your next activity. Maybe you’ll take a romantic bath together. Maybe you’ll lead right to the bedroom. Wherever you go, keep using candlelight and play some romantic music.

Take all the guesswork out of the evening. You both know where this date night is ending.

3. Get Kinky

Let’s be honest, sometimes we get stuck in a boring sex routine. Step out of your comfort zone and get kinky with your partner.

This doesn’t mean you need to get all 50 Shades Of Grey with your love life (but you can if you want). Incorporate dirty talk, try anal, experiment with new positions.

You can choose to talk beforehand about what you and your partner are comfortable with or go for the element of surprise.

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4. Try a Massage

Nothing is more sensual than exploring each other’s bodies.

Grab some lotion and massage oil and reacquaint yourselves with each other. Share the love and take turns giving and receiving.

All that touching is bound to get the sexual tension flowing. Let the massages lead to an erotic, romantic night.

5. Use Toys

Toys can be intimidating, but introducing them into the bedroom is a great pre-sex routine.

Start slowly with sex-related dice. One die will give you an action, such as suck, and the other die will give you a body part, such as the ear. Take turns rolling the dice and trying new things.

One step up are handcuffs and blindfolds. Inhibiting movement and sight bring a surprise factor to the bedroom. Try massaging our kissing your partner while they can’t see or move. It’s bound to get steamy!

If you’re ready for the big leagues, try using a vibrator together. Have lubricant handy and get creative.

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6. Freshen Up

A little self-care goes a long way when it comes to feeling sexy.

Try out some of these tips:

  • Paint your nails or do your makeup.
  • Take a long, hot bubble bath.
  • Wear that dress that you normally save for special occasions.
  • Change up your hairstyle.

With just a few changes from your normal routine, you’ll feel ready for a night of action.

7. Try a New Location

Sometimes the bedroom reeks of boredom. Switch things up and try a new location for sex.

If you’re in your home, try the kitchen table. Maybe you’ve never experienced shower sex. Moving into a different room of the house offers a whole new set of experiences.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, have sex outside the home. Start slowly with sex in your car. Then see where you can get away with it.

Just be careful, public nudity is a crime! Maybe that’s what makes it feel so exhilarating.

8. Watch Porn

Nothing gets your prepared for sex like watching other people orgasm. If your partner is into it, try introducing porn into your pre-sex routine.

Stop by your local sex shop or search online for a porno that looks interesting. It may be best to steer clear of free porn, as the quality may distract from your end goal.

Get into bed and watch the video together. Then either act out the scenes with your partner or try your own storyline.

9. Find your Fantasy

Everyone has a sexual fantasy, it’s just a matter of admitting it to your partner.

Have an open conversation about your sexual fantasies. Then plan how you can act them out.

Maybe you’re a woman looking for her knight in shining armor woman. Or maybe you’re nurturing nurse taking care of an attractive patient. Get creative.

Search online for props and costumes to encourage your roleplay. Try out different scenarios and keep a running fantasy story that leads to satisfaction.

Other Tips for How to Prepare for Sex

Now that you know how to prepare for sex, it’s time to get hot and steamy in the bedroom.

Preparing for sex is all about what makes your comfortable and aroused. What works for one couple may not work for you. Experiment until you find the right equation.

But moving forward, keep the following things in mind:

  • Have yourself and your partner tested for STDs
  • Use protection unless you’re trying for a baby
  • Always make sure any sexual relations are consensual
  • Be kind, considerate, and loving towards your partner

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